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(Teacher of English as a Foreign / Second Language / Cross-cultural Awareness)
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Testimonials - February 2011- February 2014

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Testimonials - October 2014 - present

"I think having six hours of actual teaching in the classroom has contributed so
much to the future endeavors I may pursue..."

Clare Jordan

"The teachers who gave the seminars...they´re just living icons."

Steave McLabry

"I feel as though I developed immensely as a teacher and that my classes
will benefit from this experience"

Danielle H.

"The trainers have provided me with excellent resources and mentors that I feel comfortable going to about anything - school specific and outside of school."

Hillary Lynch


"I really enjoyed having multiple teachers throughout this course. They each
brought valuable experiences and knowledge to share with us."

Kirstina Birch

"The practicum has helped me think seriously about the structure of my classes,
and try out different teaching techniques in a comfortable environment."

Chelsea Bollman

February 2008b
"Be ready to give it all you got and get your pen ready because the course full of useful tools and activities for TEFL/TESL. I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to get better at teaching and get my students to produce in class."

Gonzalo Murillo



"I am a more-qualified teacher who can offer her students meaningful lessons and practice."

Abbie Harcourt

"Being observed is stressful, but it really helped me to figure out how to get to the next level with my teaching."

Elizabeth Gilmore

Trainees"I have definitely become a better teacher. I have learned so much on how to make a lesson interactive, engaging and fun. I am excited to apply what I have learned."

Kirsten Grooms

"The trainers passion to teach was contagious, and they encouraged us to continue the learning process, even after the course."

Keith I.

"Top notch instructors with decades of experience."

David Adam Kess

"This course has turned me into a true EFL/ESL teaching professional, ready to get into any classroom in any country all over the world."

Cory Maria Dack

September 2014 Grads

"This course certificate is international. You could go anywhere in the world and teach English."

Dennis Tacuri

"I would definitely recommend this course. It was a tremendous amount of learning in an intensive 4 weeks. The lesson planning assistance was better than some U.S. university education courses that I have taken."

Jessica Lee

"Very professionally conducted."

Joseph Duffy

September 2015 Grads

"The practicum sessions were better than I could have imagined. I realized how much I like teaching. I've learned so many things, and I now know I would like to be a teacher."

Wilber Laime


Trainees"The course trainers were great!"

Juliana Corr


"The course trainers were very helpful and we learned a lot from them."

Carolane Pitre

February 2015 Grads

"Hands on and interactive. Definitely worth it!"

Emma Glaubinger

"A great opportunity to become an awesome English teacher."

Catalina Villavicencio

"Far better than an online TEFL. I will absolutely recommend the course. Thumbs way up!"

CeCe Yuan

"A great course with great teachers - everything was really practical and useful."

Amy Loachamin

"The course trainers emphasized different aspects of what an English teacher should know including linguistics tricks, monitoring emphasis and pushing for production, the flipped classroom, cultural simulacrum and group awareness activities. It was concise, throrough and covered a lot of ground in a short time."

Elizabeth Egnatoff

Trainees"Legendary, enriching, engaging, useful, fun."

Maria Cristina Ortiz


"The cross-cultural component was the most important component for me because it can help us manage different situations and understand how other cultures might feel about us."

Jose Zuñiga

Trainees"Th course has helped me enormously in my classes."

Francisco Velasquez


"The trainers support you every step of the way."

Bernard Fassett

Trainee"The course trainers were phenomenal. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching English."

Megan Westervelt




"The trainers were very professional, master teachers who had great ideas about all aspects of teaching."

Christopher Russell

February 2016 Grads


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"I never thought there could be so many varied and dynamic ways to teach English. I have learned a lot and look at teaching in a different light. I am already incorporating activities from the course into my classes and my students have reacted very well."

"I have already recommended the course to some of my colleagues. It was a great class where we all learned from each other, in addition to the teacher. We had a lot of fun and we made new friends."

David Leon

David Leon

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