TEFL/TESL/CCA™ Certificate Program
(Teacher of English as a Foreign / Second Language / Cross-cultural Awareness)
Quito, Ecuador
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TEFL Library/Books

CEC-EPN's TEFL Library

The TEFL/TESL/CCA™ Certificate Program has a library of TEFL books for trainees to use while they are taking the course. The books cover topics diverse topics such as teaching methodology, vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and pronunciation. In addition, there are issues of the ELT Journal which trainees can view.

Required Reading Materials

The following textbook may be checked out through our library system or purchased at the start of the program:

  • 'The Practice of English Language Teaching (4th Edition) by Jeremy Harmer

The remaining readings can be borrowed from us as part of the course package.


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What trainees had to say about our library...

"The library was wonderful!"

Aaron Buck

"There was a very good library we had access to. I have some books and manuals from the course as a basic reference for preparing my classes."

Nadya Zuñiga

CEC-EPN's TEFL Library




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