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CEC-EPN offers its TEFL trainees the option of staying at one of our recommended hostels in Quito or arranging their own accommodation. Some prices for hostels near us are indicated in the sections below.

Staying at a Hostel

Staying in a hostel offers its own advantages and disadvantages.It offers more security, hospitality, and breakfast included in most cases. Below are some examples of hostels within walking distance of CEC-EPN.

Hostal Raices*

Should you choose to stay in a hostel, Hostal Raices is a convenient and economical choice.  Hostal Raices offers a variety of rooms, both single and double. They offer a pleasant, home-like environment and, as part of their package, they offer a continental breakfast.  Participants can get a very reasonable rate, which includes breakfast.  Call them at 255-9737, or email your questions to hostalraicesec@yahoo.com.

Queen's Hostel*

This hostel is located at Reina Victoria N23-76 (836) between Wilson and Veintimilla.  Queen’s Hostel offers single or double rooms, dining facilities and a homelike environment.  Students stay there short or long-term because of the convenience and services available.  Their phone number is (5932) 255-1844, or email them at queenh@interactive.net.ec.

Posada Del Maple*

Located on Juan Rodríguez E8-49 and Seis de Diciembre, the Maple is a favorite with the local Peace Corps volunteers as well as some CEC-EPN teachers.  The environment is friendly, the food is good and internet services and lending library are available.  The owner of the hotel speaks some English. Single, double or quadruple rooms are available, with or without private baths, and breakfast is included. Their phone number is : (5932) 254-4507. Their web site is: www.posadadelmaple.com, and their e-mail address is: admin@posadadelmaple.com.

Hostal Jardín del Sol*

Located in La Mariscal district at José Calama 166 and Diego de Almagro, Hostal Jardín del Sol is a full-service hostel that offers rooms with a private bath and cable TV, a restaurant, Internet, laundromat, room service and more.  Private single rooms with breakfast included are available at a special rate if you pay in cash.  Call the hostel at: (5932) 223-0941, or find their website on www.hostaljardindelsol.com.

*Applicants are advised to contact hostels before planning their trip, as the above information is subject to change without notice.

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Other accommodation options...

Trainees also have the option of renting a furnished apartment in Quito if they want privacy and independence. Furnished apartments cost approximately $200 a month or more, depending on the size of the apartment and neighborhood in which it is located.

Work Placement

The Plaza Grande

This is the site of both the presidential palace of Cardonelet and the mayor's office, truly the heart of Quito's historical center.

Plaza Grande

Quito Cathedral

Quito Cathedral is located in the historical center, next to Plaza Grande. Built between 1562 and 1567, it is considered to be the oldest cathedral in South America.

Quito Cathedral


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