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The Continuing Education Center - National Polytechnic School (Centro de Educación Continua-Escuela Politécnica Nacional) is a department of the Escuéla Politécnica Nacional, one of Ecuador's oldest and most respected publicly funded technical universities.  CEC-EPN's objectives include the development and transfer of knowledge through the planning and operation of training programs, such as the TEFL/TESL/CCA™ Certificate Program.

National Polytechnic SchoolThe Escuela Politécnica Nacional was founded in 1869 by President García Moreno, and is located in Quito, Ecuador.  It is an autonomously managed university with a current annual enrollment of approximately 9,000 students.

CEC-EPN's Department of Linguistics and Cultural Exchanges is one of the largest language departments in Ecuador.  We proudly offer a staff of more than 100 language teachers (foreign and Ecuadorian) with professional titles, including Master’s and Doctorate Degrees and/or CELTA or TEFL certificates. Among these, we also sponsor native instructors from Harvard University's World Teach program.

We offer 14 English levels, from basic to superior, with an average student-to-teacher ratio of 14 to 1.  In addition to English classes, we offer English conversation clubs, a month-long TEFL/TESL/CCA™ Certificate Program, and translation services.  Additionally, students have access to our library, reference and supplementary materials, and computer labs.

Many of our students continue with us from the basic levels all the way up through the superior levels.  During this time they form lasting bonds with other students and with teachers.

CEC-EPN MapCEC-EPN’s main office is located at the National Polytechnic School (Escuela Politécnica Nacional).  Our other location, CEC-EPN Linguistics, is located in La Mariscal District, just 2 blocks from Amazonas Avenue at the corner of Reina Victoria and Baquedano.  We are only a few miles away from the main shopping centers and theaters located in the northern section of the city.  Both of our locations are easily accessible from any part of the city by bus or trolley.

CEC-EPN's Linguistics and Cultural Exchanges Department was founded to meet the growing demand for quality English instruction in Quito and Ecuador as a whole.  We’re devoted to providing the highest possible standard of education to language students and qualified TEFL/TESL/CCA™ applicants.

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Our trainees' success

Since the TEFL/TESL/CCA™ Certificate Program began in the summer of 2003, 33 separate course sessions have been held with a total of 529 trainees attending. Of these, 96% have successfully finished the course.

The Trolebus and Ecovía

The Trolebus and Ecovía provide a modern and safe transportation network, which is operated by the Municipality of Quito, Ecuador. They operate from 6am until 10pm every day.

Ecovia - Casa de la Cultura

La Basilica

La Basilica is one of the most important works of Ecuadorian architecture. It is located in Quito's historical center, between Carchi and Venezuela streets, beside Convento de los Padres Oblatos.

Basilica at Night


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